Decentralized Internet Coin


Decicoin ( DeIC ) is an open source peer-to-peer Decentralized Internet Coin cryptocurrency which works purely as an Energy to power the Internet of Future i.e. Decentralized Internet. By using Blockchain technology on an Decentralized network to create the World’s Largest Decentralized Internet. Decicoin is the Future Cryptocurrency for the Future Internet i.e Decentralized Internet.

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Why Decicoin?

Decicoin is the Energy that will power the Decentralized Internet, Decicoin is the Future Cryptocurrency for the Future Internet i.e. Decentralized Internet.

Fixed Supply

8.4 billion Decicoins only.

7.8 billion population

1 Decicoin for every citizen of Earth.

Decentralized Proof of Work

( dPoW )

Based on Decentralized-Proof-of-Work

( dPoW )

1 CPU + 1 IP Address = 1 Miner

Miner monopoly proof protocol ( No miner or mining pool can have more than 1% control over network even if he has the largest mining farm / pool )

Lowest Transaction Fees

After launching our own Blockchain

Fees will be 0.0001 DeIC

Fastest Confirmations

Our Blockchain will make transactions the fastest as possible without any compromise in security in mining.

256MB Block Sizes.

After rolling out our Testnet first and Mainnet later with large block sizes.

Smart Mining

Low power processor mining and Smartphone friendly mining to create the largest decentralized network.

It will make mining more eco friendly while keeping the network secure at the same time.

Mining rewards will be distributed equally among the majority of miners who verify the transactions and the blocks will be created every 10 mins on that majority verification.

Defense Grade Security

By encouraging the largest network of miners, the network will be more secure than even Bitcoin, as miners will be vastly distributed around the globe. No possibility of miner monopoly, whales monopoly, exchanges or mining pools monopoly or centralization of miners.

Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange

We are also developing an Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange where Decicoins ( DeIC ) will be the Energy for Trading Fees discounts( 50% off ), bonuses & incentives when locked on Smart Contracts.

You will be able to create Liquidity Pools & earn fees.

You will also be able to Borrow & Lend Loans to earn interest without any risk on Smart Contracts.

Smart Contracts & Dapps

We will also Deploy Smart Contracts functionality on our blockchain that will be used for mining settlements, Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange settlements for fees, trades, loans in future.

Anyone will be able to create dapps that helps in creating our Decentralized Internet Ecosystem more Stronger.

And for Decentralized Internet settlements for rewards for running the Decentralized Internet Network and for the Data Packs settlements.

Public & Private Transactions

Everyone will have the choice of whether they want all of their future transactions to be public or private or just some specific transactions to be private, by using different addresses such as private or public addresses before doing the transaction. Only the receiver will be able to see the real address of the sender on our blockchain after providing the info of public address (random for people outside the transaction) of that transaction with private tags(which only you have) to view the real private address of sender.

Biometric Verified Wallets

As the network grows, we will create a specific hardware wallet with biometric verification where you can add your biometrics fingerprint encrypted in the blockchain along with your recovery seeds. This will help you recover funds if you forget or your recovery seeds gets lost.

You will be able to recover funds just by using your Fingerprints biometrics.

But a thief who has your recovery seeds wont be able to transfer funds of the Biometric Verified Wallets without your Fingerprints biometrics.

You will also be able to add 1 Extra biometric Fingerprints of a Nominee that you trust.

Decentralized Internet

By using the same Largest Decentralized network of miners, we will deploy the Decentralized Internet in phases,

First a Decentralized Search Engine will be deployed.

Second a Decentralized Video sharing platform will be deployed.

Third a Decentralized File Sharing platform will be deployed

Fourth a Decentralized Social Media platform will be deployed.

Everything will be Privacy oriented with focus on Data Protection of the users.

Miners will be rewarded handsomely in Decicoins ( DeIC ) for running the Decentralized Websites/Apps smoothly & efficiently.

Everyone will be able to use these Decentralized Websites/Apps up to a specified limit to keep the network efficient. If you want to use more after the limit then you will be able to buy Decentralized Data packs through Decicoins ( DeIC ).

With the growth of the Network we will launch Decentralized Servers around the globe running on Green Energy to Deploy the full-fledged World’s Largest Decentralized Internet.

Decicoin ( DeIC ) will be the Energy to power the Decentralized Internet.


  • Distribution by Mining 70%
  • Public Sale 15%
  • Development 10%
  • Founder 5%

  • Full Distribution in 20 years as All Decicoins will be Mined in 20 years.
  • Halving every 2 years.
  • After 20 years, Miners will be rewarded with Decicoins collected equally from the top 1% accounts to keep the network running efficiently and keeping the network Decentralized, Anti-Monopoly, Anti-Whales.

  • For Ex- if a person.A owns 100,000 DeIC and person.B owns 10,000 DeIC and miners need 100 DeIC to keep the network efficient, then 100 DeIC will be collected from top 1% accounts with respect to the percentage of balance those accounts hold. If 0.01 DeIC is collected from the person.A account, then 0.001 DeIC will be collected from person.B account.


September 2023, Decicoin Testnet Launched

March 2024, Decicoin Smart Mining app launched for smartphones

September 2024, Decicoin launches Smart Contracts & Dapps.

March 2025, Full Fledged Decentralized Internet with our servers distributed all over the earth.

March 2023, Launched On Pinksale Finance

December 2023, Decicoin Mainnet Launched

June 2024, Decicoin Launches Automated Market Maker Decentralized Exchange

December 2024, Decicoin Launches Decentralized Internet by Launching Decentralized Search Engine, Video Platform, File Sharing Platform, Social Media in phases.


  • Why are there 2 networks for buying decicoins ?

We dont have our own blockchain right now, so we deployed our cryptocurrency on Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain networks.

  • Why are there 8.4 billion Decicoins on both ETH & BSC blockchains ?

This was done so that people dont get confused on whether it is the same coin or not, that is why the total supply is same. We will burn all the coins that are not circulating after we have launched our own Decicoin Blockchain & You can exchange your Decicoins from ETH & BSC blockchains to our own Decicoin Blockchain by transferring your Decicoins on our official addresses after our official announcement on respective ETH or BSC blockchains & We will transfer your new Decicoins on Decicoin Blockchain to your wallet that will be supporting Decicoin Mainnet Blockchain. Please note that we will try to deploy our own blockchain as soon as possible and there will never be more than 30% of Decicoins circulating before the launch of our own mainnet because 70% Decicoins are reserved for distribution by mining only.

  • When will you deploy the Decentralized Internet and how fast will it be ?

We cannot specify the exact timeline right now, but our aim is to deploy it as soon as possible because the future is all about Decentralization, Data Protection & Privacy. And about the speed, well it wont be fast as your current centralized internet but it will be 1000x more secure & private than your current internet. We are excited to create the Worlds Largest Decentralized Internet.

  • Why am i not able to buy on Uniswap or PancakeSwap, it is showing me not enough liquidity error?

We are going to Launch Decicoin on Pinksale soon, You can buy it from there and from decentralized exchanges such as uniswap after it has been launched after completion of Subscription Presale. We are launching it on ETH blockchain, so you can only buy it through Uniswap.